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About Us

1989: Figures Inc was started by Anthony Balasco and begins selling collectible toys and action figures through print catalogs, magazine ads and direct selling at collectible toy shows throughout New England.  
1993: Figures Inc focuses it complete attention to the selling of Collectible Wrestling Merchandise.   
1998: Figures Toy Company is started in conjunction with Steve Sandberg and obtains the licensees to manufacture WCW and ECW Replica Belts.  
1999: Figures Inc becomes with the launch of its online e-commerce website.  
2001: Figures Toy Company obtains the rights to produce WWE Replica Wrestling Belts, Rey Mysterio Masks & Pants, Belt Buckles, and Finger Rings.         
2004: Figures Toy Company starts and begins manufacturing classic retro 8 inch action figures and accessories remeniscent of action figures from the 1970's. 
2012: Figures Toy Company is recreating the classic KISS action figures from the 1970's, with new lines to focus on different era's in KISS's legendary career! 
2014 & beyond: Figures Toy Company has acquired the rights to produce DC Comics, Dukes of Hazzard, Evel Knievel & many more action figures.

Figures Toy Company CFO Anthony Balasco with his original KISS Mego figure from 1978: